2023 so far

bold: on view

05.2023 – “Akla Kara” (Black with White) (2014) part of the collection show “Floating Islands” (Yüzen Adalar), at Istanbul Modern, Istanbul, Türkiye

14.04.2023 – 16.07.2023 An expanded version -with new recording and facade sounds- of “Çıngır / Jingle / Cinkot” at “Düşler, Hakikatler / Reveries, Truths”, opening exhibition of IBB Casa Botter Art and Design Center, Istanbul, Türkiye

04.03.2023 – 21.05.2023 New work “Στης Θεσσαλονίκης τις δυο αυλές / Selanik’te var iki avlu” at the main show the Biennale Main exhibition: Being as CommunionThessaloniki Biennale:8 of Contemporary Art, Greece

22.02.2023 – 14.05.2023 An expanded installation of “SSS – Shore Scene Soundtrack / Sahil Sahnesi Sesi” part of the group show À bruit secret – Hearing in ArtMuseum Tinguely, Basel, Switzerland 

28.01.2023 – 08.04.2023 “Jingle” and the Prague version “Jingle / Cinkot / Çıngır” part of the group show “Take Your Time” at AKINCI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

16.12.2023 – 14.05.2023 “Broken Music Vol. 2, 70 Years of Records and Sound Works by Artists“, Hamburger Bahnhof Natinalgalerie der Gegenwart, Berlin, Germany

16.12.2022 – 25.02.2023 solo, new work “A Succession of Turkish StopsTONSPUR_passage” / Museumsquartier, Vienna, Austria

01.12.2022 – 30.04.2023 An expanded installation of “Rulers and Rhythms Studies” part of the group show In a Multiple PerspectiveYARAT Contemporary Art Space, Baku, Azerbaijan

27.10.2022 – 08.01.2023 New work “Columns of Curiosities” part of the group show The Floating CollectionMAMbo – Modern Art Museum of Bologna, Bologna, Italy

16.10.2022 – 19.03.2023 New version “Bergama Stereo Singapore” Natasha, Singapore Biennale 2022, Singapore

7.2.2022 – 9.4.2023 “Kolon” in the group show “ThisPlay” at Arter, Istanbul, Turkey

Honey/Bal (2016) + Day/Gün (2012) @ to bee or not to bee

Honey/Bal (2016) + Day/Gün (2012) at the exhibition ‘to bee or not to bee’ – Punkt Ø

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14. İstanbul Bienali’nde yeni iş yeni mekan / New work new space in the 14th Istanbul Biennial



Bir Ritim Mekanı – Otopark / A Room of Rhythms – Otopark, 2015

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Stedelijk’te Cetveller ve Ritim Çalışmaları / Rulers and Rhythm Studies on view at Stedelijk

(english added below)

003.SM-Cevdet-Erek-Z.01.29-2014--PH.GJ edit

Cetveller ve Ritim Çalışmaları Amsterdam’da Stedelijk Müzesi koleksiyon bölümünde sergilenmeye başlanmış. 2011’de burada (İstanbul) sergilendiği haline çok yakın, masa az değişik, beyaz ve de 2011’de (grup sergisinin şartlarından (ya da tam ikna edemediğimden) dolayı) gösterilemeyen dairesel hafta ve ritim 1 cetvellerine ait sesler de duvarda. Arka duvarda Sol LeWitt’in bol renkli 1084 numaralı duvar çizimi var, o sanırım hep orada duruyor.

Cetvelleri görmeyen veya hatırlamak isteyenler için 2011’deki sergilemeye ait cetveller katalogu burada  pdf: cevdet erek cetveller ve ritim rulers and rhythm (o zaman belgelemede bana yardım eden özgür atlagan ve elif akçay’a tekrar teşekkür ve selam).

Bu arada, bu cetvellerin bazıları, bu katalogdaki masanın 1/2’si, ve de başka bir sürü irili ufaklı şey şu an İstanbul Modern’de açık olan Çok Sesli adlı sergide görülebilir. Bunun için ayrı bir posta, önümüzdeki günlerde. Bu postaya da zaman buldukça bir kaç ekleme yapılacak.


english, translated by duygu

The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam is now exhibiting “Rulers and Rhythm Studies” as part of their collection display. This presentation is very much similar to when the work was installed for the first time in Istanbul; the table is a little different, it is white, and in addition, sound pieces of Circular Week and Rhythm 1 are also included on the wall (which, either due to the physical conditions of a group exhibition or because I wasn’t convincing enough, were not exhibited then). On the wall in the back is Sol LeWitt’s colorful wall drawing no:1084, I believe that it is permanent.

For those who haven’t seen the rulers or want to see them again, visit the pdf link here: cevdet erek cetveller ve ritim rulers and rhythm (a nod and thank you to özgür atlagan and elif akçay who helped me with the documentation of the work).

Also, some of the rulers, half of the table shown in the pdf and a few other things are currently on view at İstanbul Modern, as part of the exhibition Plurivocality. Another post about this will follow in the next few days. Additions to this very post will be made as well.

Alt Üst, a solo show, transformation, performance and related events at Spike Island, Bristol, 15 February to 13 April 2014


Cevdet Erek ”Alt Üst” (2014) installation view. Photograph by Stuart Whipps

Cevdet Erek, “Alt Üst” (2014) installation view, Spike Island, Bristol. Gif by Stuart Whipps



Saturday 15 February, 2pm
Exhibition Tour
Free, no need to book
Led by Emma Lilwall, Spike Island/UWE Fine Art
Graduate Fellow 2013/2014.

Saturday 15 February, 3pm
In Conversation: Cevdet Erek and Ben Borthwick
£5/£3 concessions (free for Associates)
Cevdet Erek discusses his work with writer and
curator Ben Borthwick.
Friday 21 February, 8pm
Emptyset play a live gig in the gallery. Their
immersive spatially informed electronic sounds
and visuals are informed by Cevdet Erek’s Alt Üst.
Part of Bristol New Music.
Tuesday 4 March, 6pm
Talk: David Toop
£5/£3 concessions (free for Associates)
David Toop presents a deep listening session
exploring the way we think about the acts of
listening to and speaking about sound.
Related events
Saturday 8 March, 2pm
Exhibition Tour
Free, no need to book
Led by Ben Owen, artist, musician and Spike Island
studio holder.
Tuesday 25 March, 6pm
Talk: Volume
£5/£3 concessions (free for Associates)
Acoustician Ian Knowles and architects Jason
Flanagan and Paul Bavister discuss the qualitative
and physical properties of the acoustic realm
which inform their work.
Saturday 12 April, 2pm
Exhibition Tour
Free, no need to book
Led by Sam Francis, co-director of Supernormal
Festival and Spike Island/UWE MFA Curating
The exhibition coincides with the Bristol New
Music Festival (21-23 February). A full programme
of events can be found at

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“Re-illumination” at MAK

Opened on tuesday, my installation “Re-illumination” (image below), a part of the show “Signs Taken in Wonder”, with many good friends, at MAK, Vienna, open until 21.4.2013
I will be back for a performance on 12.2.2013.

More info on the show:
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Shows February to summer 2012

I was not able be present in any of the shows below to install or open, but they are there (gitmesek de göremesek de bu işler bizimdir demek istiyorum, sergiler için mavilere tıklayın). Check if you are close-by. Click on show titles to follow links to sites. I will expand this post with images etc. in the next blogging session.  Danke.

Day at


Ruler Now – at


A Golden Ruler with Two Dates at

Museum of Manufactured Response to Absence

Neither the time nor the place for dancing (NTNPD) at

TBA21 Sound Space at ZKM Karlsruhe

Ruler 0 – Now, Ruler Near, Ruler 1 (Cairo, Istanbul, Antwerp versions) and Ruler 100 Years at

Cross-Time Stories

From Notebooks of a Drummer in a Joy Division by me supporting Tin Soldiers of dear Ala Younis at

The Ungovernables – 2012 New Museum Triennial