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to bee or not to bee


October 1 – November 16

Whether the current colony collapse disorder should be an occasion to think of Albert Einstein’s allegedly expressed worry that “if the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe,then man would have only four years of life left” is questionable.  Yet for to bee or not to be, bee death is the initial spark for a renewed reflection on the relation-ship between humans and the environment; this is where our anthropocentric worldview is challenged.

Ten international artists deal with this problem, each in a different artistic way,ranging from purely conceptual to visual and alternative- pragmatic approaches. Almost poetic as well as firmly politically engaged strategies can be found  in the works displayed in the old manor house of Jeløya and its magnificent baroque garden, where Gallery F 15 is located. The central question of  this exhibition is if art is capable of formulating viable alternative concepts towards the existing world order—even if that means challenging itself.


Marianne Zamecznik (NO) and Raimar Stange (DE)


Cevdet Erek (TR), Peter Friedl (AT), Bethan Huws (UK), Oslo Apiary & Aviary (NO)Oliver Ressler (AT)Alessandro Sau (IT)Anders Smebye & Vikram Uchida-Khanna (NO), Jennifer Teets (USA), Johannes Wohnseifer (DE)


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Stedelijk’te Cetveller ve Ritim Çalışmaları / Rulers and Rhythm Studies on view at Stedelijk

(english added below)

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Cetveller ve Ritim Çalışmaları Amsterdam’da Stedelijk Müzesi koleksiyon bölümünde sergilenmeye başlanmış. 2011’de burada (İstanbul) sergilendiği haline çok yakın, masa az değişik, beyaz ve de 2011’de (grup sergisinin şartlarından (ya da tam ikna edemediğimden) dolayı) gösterilemeyen dairesel hafta ve ritim 1 cetvellerine ait sesler de duvarda. Arka duvarda Sol LeWitt’in bol renkli 1084 numaralı duvar çizimi var, o sanırım hep orada duruyor.

Cetvelleri görmeyen veya hatırlamak isteyenler için 2011’deki sergilemeye ait cetveller katalogu burada  pdf: cevdet erek cetveller ve ritim rulers and rhythm (o zaman belgelemede bana yardım eden özgür atlagan ve elif akçay’a tekrar teşekkür ve selam).

Bu arada, bu cetvellerin bazıları, bu katalogdaki masanın 1/2’si, ve de başka bir sürü irili ufaklı şey şu an İstanbul Modern’de açık olan Çok Sesli adlı sergide görülebilir. Bunun için ayrı bir posta, önümüzdeki günlerde. Bu postaya da zaman buldukça bir kaç ekleme yapılacak.


english, translated by duygu

The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam is now exhibiting “Rulers and Rhythm Studies” as part of their collection display. This presentation is very much similar to when the work was installed for the first time in Istanbul; the table is a little different, it is white, and in addition, sound pieces of Circular Week and Rhythm 1 are also included on the wall (which, either due to the physical conditions of a group exhibition or because I wasn’t convincing enough, were not exhibited then). On the wall in the back is Sol LeWitt’s colorful wall drawing no:1084, I believe that it is permanent.

For those who haven’t seen the rulers or want to see them again, visit the pdf link here: cevdet erek cetveller ve ritim rulers and rhythm (a nod and thank you to özgür atlagan and elif akçay who helped me with the documentation of the work).

Also, some of the rulers, half of the table shown in the pdf and a few other things are currently on view at İstanbul Modern, as part of the exhibition Plurivocality. Another post about this will follow in the next few days. Additions to this very post will be made as well.