Kolon in ThisPlay, Arter

ThisPlay, Arter, Istanbul
Curated by Emre Baykal

The rhythmic compositions are of primary importance in Cevdet Erek’s works which use sound to inhabit the space in his site-specific interventions. The artist not only turns rhythm into a sound experience peculiar to the exhibition space, but also produces works that allow rhythm to be discernible through objects, a visual image, or graphic language. The first version of Kolon was realised by Erek in the context of the exhibition Tactics of Invisibility (2010) at Tanas, Berlin. This installation, in which the artist added an imitation to the existing concrete columns of the Tanas building, was recreated the following year for the cylindrical columns at Arter’s previous building on Istiklal Street. In these two earlier presentations, Kolon was featured as a deceptive, fake architectural element which did not offer any hints to its existence apart from the subtle sound that emanates imperceptibly from the TV speakers placed inside the column and bears reminiscence to the instructive beeping sound of traffic lights found in certain German cities. The exhibition ThisPlay brings back the cylindrical version created for Arter in 2011, like a structural element that have lost its function, this time referring not to the space where it is presented, but to its own memory.

*from ThisPlay (2022) exhibition catalogue

Previous exhibition views of Kolon (2010)

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