yansıma üzerine düşünceler / reflecting on reflection

yeni bir çalışmayı gösteriyorum / i am showing a new study:

Çıngır – Jingle at Mana

Çıngır / Jingle    in

Yansıma üzerine düşünceler / Reflecting on Reflection    at

Galeri Manâ, 18.9 -10.11.2012, Kemankeş Mahallesi, Ali Paşa Değirmeni Sokak, no. 16 – 18, 34425 Beyoğlu, İstanbul, Turkey     +90 212 243 6666     info@galerimana.com     www.galerimana.com

Participating:     Saâdane Afif     Abbas Akhavan     Francis Alÿs     Kutluğ Ataman     Hera Büyüktaşçıyan     Özgür Demirci, Olafur Eliasson     Cevdet Erek     Lara Favaretto     Matt Mullican     Philippe Parreno     Sarkis     Simon Starling     Rirkrit Tiravanija     Mario Garcia Torres      Alexander Wagner     Curating:     Abaseh Mirvali

Shows February to summer 2012

I was not able be present in any of the shows below to install or open, but they are there (gitmesek de göremesek de bu işler bizimdir demek istiyorum, sergiler için mavilere tıklayın). Check if you are close-by. Click on show titles to follow links to sites. I will expand this post with images etc. in the next blogging session.  Danke.

Day at


Ruler Now – at


A Golden Ruler with Two Dates at

Museum of Manufactured Response to Absence

Neither the time nor the place for dancing (NTNPD) at

TBA21 Sound Space at ZKM Karlsruhe

Ruler 0 – Now, Ruler Near, Ruler 1 (Cairo, Istanbul, Antwerp versions) and Ruler 100 Years at

Cross-Time Stories

From Notebooks of a Drummer in a Joy Division by me supporting Tin Soldiers of dear Ala Younis at

The Ungovernables – 2012 New Museum Triennial

Show: “Week” at Kunsthalle Basel

Press Meeting: Thursday, January, 11am////Opening: Thursday, January, 7pm////Museums Night Special: Friday, January 13, 9pm-1am: "Several Types of Museum Audience Gathered Together in an Installation and Grooving with a Week" Live Mix by CE////WEEK poster and invite by Yetkin Başarır