Home Works 5

Rulers and Rhythm Studies




Exhibitions, Lectures, Panels, Performance, Dance, Theatre, Music, Film, Video, Publications

Beirut, April 21 – May 1, 2010

Exhibitions will run until May 22nd, 2010
Curated by Ashkal Alwan
Ruanne Abou- Rahme & Basel AbbasContingency
Ayreen AnastasThus I spoke, and ever more softly: for I feared my own thoughts and hinterthoughts
Marwa ArsaniosAll About Acapulco
Vartan AvakianShortWave/LongWave
Broomberg & ChanarinChicago
Decolonizing ArchitectureOush Grab (Crow’s Nest)
Cevdet ErekRulers and Rhythm Studies
Shahab FotouhiDirect NegotiationCan I Speak to the Manager?
Ghassan HalwaniCumbersome Machine: Between the Nonsense & the Archive
Amal IssaNever-eat-y of the Fallen Rifle
Bengü KaradumanIn Place of Silent Words
Hassan KhanCONSPIRACY (dialogue/diatribe)
Maha Maamoun2026
Christodoulos PanayiotouPrologue: Quoting Absence
Marwan RechmaouiC60
Raed Yassin | Disco Tonight
Ala’ Younis | Tin Soldiers

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