5 thoughts on “Show: Starter

  1. I am raelly excited for this show as well. The jurors were graduate students at the school I went to when I was an undergrad. They both have amazing work and will put together a beautiful show. I think you will get in for sure! It raelly does seem like it was written about your work:)

    • Terefe Fikru Posted on It is a great pleasure to urgdape my self so that i’ll make a significant contribution to my home country on my return. i do have bachelor’s degree in chemistry . Thanks for considering my application !!!

  2. kai Posted on Jo, I’m with you. It’s so easy to go back to taking a dip in the fear pool. I firuge the more we practice the better we’ll get at avoiding that pool. Love that your mother shared shifting the energy with you one superCHICK handing down superpowers to the next generation of superCHICK. Awesome!

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