çok şiddetli olaylar dizisinin ortasında biraz önce yaşanan sarsıntı bir öncekini geçmişe itip hikaye aygıtına dizinin devamını kurdururken tarih ile kalıntılar üzerinden uzak geçmişe gidiyoruz savaş ile ölümün yönettiği anlatı aracılığıyla bir yandan komşuları uzaklardan gelen pavyonu hayal ediyoruz uzaktan benzerleri ve simülasyonları üzerinden içinde kulakları tıkamadan hareket edermiş gibi yeni sarsıntıyla sıfırlandıktan sonra bu yazının son kayıtlı halini açıyoruz (sessizlik) 16 Ocak 2017

in the midst of a series of events displaying great intensity and as the most recent jolt thrusts the previous one further into the past and the fabricator of tales conjures up the next part in the series, we travel into the distant past via history and remains and by way of a narrative ruled by war and death, as we imagine — from a distance, and on the basis of likenesses and simulations — the pavilion with neighbours from afar as though we were moving inside it without covering our ears after being reset with a new jolt we open the latest recorded version of this file (silence) 16 Jan 2017

(Turkish to English translation: Nazım Hikmet Richard Dikbaş)



@Beirut, visiting professor at Ashkal Alwan’s Home Workspace Program 2016-2017


Home Workspace Program, Ashkal Alwan, Beirut, photo: me

Home Workspace Program 2016-2017 | October 10th, 2016 – July 8th, 2017
Head Above Water: Workshops taught by Visiting Professors Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Cevdet Erek, Maha Maamoun, Lina Majdalanie and Metahaven with Seminar modules: Listening, seeing, writing, moving | Histories of the artist | Technologies, life and the future | Financialization 

For general info on the program and rest of the workshops, courses, seminars etc.: http://ashkalalwan.org/programs/hwp-2016-17-open-call/ and Ashkal Alwan website

below: Synopsis for my workshop (November 2017) as published in Ashkal Alwan website (written before arriving in Beirut).

“Shall I quickly sketch a series of moves and throw it to all the people scattered around
while there is still enough daylight to read it at a gallop
so we stay in sync
in such a brief history of unexpected events
while the agreement forces us to stay on schedule
will they be able to read my eyes and freeze?
ignoring everything else
while all those sensors and hearts are tracking us
to melt again

بالتزامن مع المكوّن الذي يحمل عنوان «الرؤية – الكتابة – الإنصات – الحركة»، يسعى جودت إريك من خلال هذه الورشة لطرح ممارسة تتعرّض للتأليف الموسيقي والارتجال، مع التركيز على الترجمة على نحو خاص. سوف يكون منوطاً بالمشاركين أن يعيّنوا أشكالاً ومُخرَجات، وذلك إبان سلسلة من التمارين والعروض التقديمية والرحلات القصيرة، الفردية والجمعيّة، وكذلك فيما بعدها.

In sync with the seminar module titled Listening, seeing, writing, moving, for his workshop, Cevdet Erek wants to trigger a practice on composition and improvisation, with a special focus on translation. The group will determine forms and channels of output during and after conducting a series of solo and group exercises + presentations + short travels”

A post-workshop summary, svvn.

Honey/Bal (2016) + Day/Gün (2012) @ to bee or not to bee

20161004thTo bee_F15_-12.jpg

To bee_F15_

to bee or not to bee


October 1 – November 16

Whether the current colony collapse disorder should be an occasion to think of Albert Einstein’s allegedly expressed worry that “if the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe,then man would have only four years of life left” is questionable.  Yet for to bee or not to be, bee death is the initial spark for a renewed reflection on the relation-ship between humans and the environment; this is where our anthropocentric worldview is challenged.

Ten international artists deal with this problem, each in a different artistic way,ranging from purely conceptual to visual and alternative- pragmatic approaches. Almost poetic as well as firmly politically engaged strategies can be found  in the works displayed in the old manor house of Jeløya and its magnificent baroque garden, where Gallery F 15 is located. The central question of  this exhibition is if art is capable of formulating viable alternative concepts towards the existing world order—even if that means challenging itself.


Marianne Zamecznik (NO) and Raimar Stange (DE)


Cevdet Erek (TR), Peter Friedl (AT), Bethan Huws (UK), Oslo Apiary & Aviary (NO)Oliver Ressler (AT)Alessandro Sau (IT)Anders Smebye & Vikram Uchida-Khanna (NO), Jennifer Teets (USA), Johannes Wohnseifer (DE)


click here for more info on the show

57. Venedik Bienali / 57th Venice Biennale, 2017

from IKSV press release, english below:

“Venedik Bienali 57. Uluslararası Sanat Sergisi Türkiye Pavyonu’nda Cevdet Erek’in projesi yer alacak

13 Mayıs-26 Kasım 2017 tarihlerinde gerçekleştirilecek Venedik Bienali 57. Uluslararası Sanat Sergisi’nin Türkiye Pavyonu’nda sanatçı Cevdet Erek’in projesi sergilenecek. Koordinasyonunu İstanbul Kültür Sanat Vakfı’nın yürüttüğü sergide, Cevdet Erek’in birlikte çalışacağı proje ekibi önümüzdeki aylarda açıklanacak.


The Pavilion of Turkey to present a project by Cevdet Erek at the 57th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia

A project by artist Cevdet Erek will be presented at the Pavilion of Turkey at the 57th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, to be held between 13 May and 26 November 2017. The Pavilion of Turkey is organised by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV). The project team that Cevdet Erek will collaborate with will be announced in the proceeding months.”

Daha fazla bilgi / For more information: http://iksv.org/tr/arsiv/p/1/1345



Cevdet Erek Will Represent Turkey at the 2017 Venice Biennale

Frenzy Plak/Vinyl!

(english below)

Abluka filminden parçaların bulunduğu plak “Frenzy” bugün İngilitere’de Subtext tarafından yayınlandı! Yakında burada bazı dükkanlara da geleceğini umuyoruz, duyuracağız.Subext’ten edinmek için:
Bandcamp’ten dijital dinlemek ve edinmek için:

Frenzy is released by Subtext in UK today!
It includes extracts from the soundtrack to the political
thriller Frenzy, winner of the Special Jury Prize at the
2015 Venice Film Festival.
To get it directly from Subtext:
To listen and get digital via Bandcamp:


20. Sidney Bienali / 20th Biennale of Sydney

Cevdet Erek, Bir Ritim Mekanı – Uzak Mesafe İlişkisi, 2016. 20. Sidney Bienali’nde Cockatoo Adası’ndan yerleştirme görüntüleri (2016). Karışık medya, mimari eklemeler, boyutlar ve süre değişken. 20. Sidney Bienali için üretildi. Fotoğraf: Ben Symons

Cevdet Erek, Room of Rhythms – Long Distance Relationship, 2016. Installation view (2016) at Cockatoo Island for the 20th Biennale of Sydney mixed media, architectural additions, dimensions and duration variable. Courtesy the artist. Created for the 20th Biennale of Sydney Photograph: Ben Symons

Detaylı bilgi/more info: https://www.biennaleofsydney.com.au/20bos/artists/cevdet-erek/